How Do You Turn Off the Last Active on Snapchat?

How do you turn off the last active on Snapchat

Snapchat is a well-known web-based entertainment stage that permits users to share photographs and recordings with their friends? One of the features that Snapchat gives is the “Last Active” status, which shows the last time a user was on the web. While this feature can be useful for staying in contact, a few users might like to switch it off for protection reasons.

Understanding the “Last Active” Feature

The “Keep going Active” feature on Snapchat tells your friends and contacts when you keep going active on the app. It appears as a timestamp close to your name or username in their friend rundown or visit window. This feature can be valuable for deciding whether somebody is presently utilizing the app or on the other hand on the off chance that they haven’t been active for some time.

Why You Should Turn Snapchat Last Active Off?

There can be a few justifications for why you might need to switch off the “Keep going Active” status on Snapchat. The following are a couple of normal ones:

  1. Protection: A few users esteem their security and rather not reveal their action status to other people.
  2. Staying away from Tension: Realizing that others can see your activity status can make strain to answer messages right away, in any event, when you might not have the opportunity or tendency to do as such.
  3. Forestalling Misinterpretations: On the off chance that you don’t answer a message immediately, the other individual might accept at least for now that you’re disregarding them, regardless of whether that is not the situation.

How Do You Turn Off The Last Active On Snapchat? (It’s Simple & Easy)

Step 1: Open Snapchat and Go to Settings

To begin with, open the Snapchat app on your device and sign in to your record. When you’re on the primary screen, tap on your profile symbol in the upper left corner. From that point, tap on the stuff symbol in the upper right corner to get to the Settings menu.

Step 2: Access the “Who Can…” Segment

In the Settings menu, look down until you view the “Who Can…” segment. This part contains different choices connected with your protection settings.

Step 3: Cripple the “See My Area” Choice (Proceeded)

To switch off the “Last Active” status, you want to Disable the “See My Area” choice. Tap on “See My Area” to get to the area settings. You can browse three choices: “Phantom Mode,” “My Friends,” and “Select Friends.” Choosing “Apparition Mode” guarantees that your area isn’t apparent to anybody on Snapchat. This step is pivotal as it keeps others from deciding your active status in light of your area.

Step 4: Disable the “See My Status” Option

As well as Disabling the area choice, you ought to likewise incapacitate the “See My Status” choice. This will keep others from seeing your internet-based status and the “Last Active” timestamp. 

Tap on “See My Status” and pick the choice that suits your inclination. Thusly, you’ll recover command over your security and partake in a more circumspect Snapchat experience.

Extra Protection Tips for Snapchat Users

1. Limit Who Can Contact You

Snapchat gives choices to control who can send you messages and view your accounts. In the settings, you can alter these inclinations as per your solace level. You can decide to get messages just from your friends or a select gathering of contacts. This assists you with keeping up with security and staying away from undesirable connections.

2. Customize Your Story Security Settings

While posting stories on Snapchat, you can choose who can see them. Naturally, stories are noticeable to every one of your friends, yet you can modify this setting to restrict the crowd. You can make a confidential story noticeable just to explicit friends or bar specific people from reviewing your accounts through and through. Exploiting these customization choices permits you to control who sees your substance.

3. Be Aware of Outsider Apps

While different outsider apps and administrations are professing to give extra Snapchat features, be careful while utilizing them. These apps frequently expect admittance to your Snapchat account and can think twice about protection and security. Adhere to the authority Snapchat app and try not to concede admittance to obscure outsider administrations to safeguard your data.

Advantages of Turning Off “Last Active” on Snapchat

Switching off the “Keep going Active” status on Snapchat offers a few advantages for users. How about we investigate a portion of the advantages:

1. Enhanced Privacy: By impairing the “Last Active” status, you recapture command over your security on Snapchat. You never again need to stress over others knowing when you kept going active on the app. This expanded protection permits you to utilize Snapchat at your speed without feeling committed to quickly answering.

2. Reduced Social Pressure: The “Last Active” status can make prevailing difficult to constantly be accessible and answer expeditiously to messages. By switching it off, you let yourself free from this strain and gain the opportunity to utilize Snapchat in your specific manner. You can answer messages whenever it might suit you without feeling committed to a right away answer.

3. Avoid Misinterpretations: When others can see your “Last Active” status, they could make suspicions about your accessibility or commitment. Switching off this feature kills the gamble of others misjudging your action or accepting for the time being that you’re deliberately disregarding them. You can draw in with the app without outside decisions or misperceptions.

4. Maintaining Anonymity: Disabling the “Last Active” status assists you with keeping a degree of namelessness on Snapchat. It keeps others from checking your internet-based presence or following your action designs. This is especially useful on the off chance that you lean toward an additional tactful web-based entertainment experience or worth your internet-based security.

5. Control Over Notifications: When the “Last Active” status is turned on, Snapchat can produce notices for your contacts at whatever point you open the app. By debilitating this feature, you can keep pointless notices from appearing on other users’ devices. This can be particularly useful if you have any desire to try not to cause others to notice your Snapchat action.

6. Improved Focus and Productivity: Without the interruption of continually monitoring your “Last Active” status, you can zero in additional on your undertakings and exercises. You can utilize Snapchat without it turning into a consistent wellspring of interferences or interruptions. This can upgrade your efficiency and enable you to take full advantage of your experience on the app.

Taking everything into account, switching off the “Keep going Active” status on Snapchat offers advantages like upgraded security, diminished prevalent burden, evasion of misinterpretations, secrecy, command over notices, and further developed concentration and efficiency. By assuming control over your internet-based presence, you can partake in a more loose and customized Snapchat experience.

Disadvantages of Turning Off “Last Active” on Snapchat

While switching off the “Keep going Active” status on Snapchat can give specific advantages, taking into account the possible disadvantages also is significant. How about we investigate a portion of the downsides:

1. Restricted Familiarity with Others’ Accessibility: When you Disable the “Last Active” status, you additionally lose the capacity to see when your friends or contacts keep going active on Snapchat. This can make it trying to measure their accessibility or responsiveness, particularly if you depend on this data to decide whether it’s a great opportunity to connect or participate in discussions.

2. Decreased Social Network: The “Last Active” status fills in as a method for remaining associated and drawn in with your Snapchat contacts. By switching it off, you might pass up amazing open doors for unconstrained connections or constant discussions. This can prompt a feeling of disengagement or the view of being less accessible to your friends.

3. Possible Misperceptions: While switching off the “Last Active” status might be finished because of reasons, for example, protection or individual inclination, a few contacts might misconstrue it as deliberately keeping away from them or being uninterested in locking in. This can make errors or stressed connections, especially on the off chance that your friends depend vigorously on the “Last Active” status to decide your accessibility.

4. Loss of Meaningful Gestures: The “Last Active” status gives an unpretentious meaningful gesture in web-based communications. It can show whether somebody is actively utilizing the app or when they were last web-based, assisting with setting assumptions for reaction times. By crippling this feature, you may unintentionally make vagueness and make it harder for others to decipher your accessibility or responsiveness.

5. Debilitated Straightforwardness: The “Last Active” status adds to straightforwardness inside the Snapchat people group. It permits users to see when their friends are active and cultivates a feeling of transparency and continuous connection. Incapacitating this feature might be seen as an absence of straightforwardness, which could influence the general elements of your Snapchat associations.

6. Adjusted Social Elements: The shortfall of the “Last Active” status might modify the social elements inside your Snapchat organization. It might prompt changes in how contacts associate with you or how you are seen inside the local area. A few people might change their way of behaving, messaging recurrence, or assumptions given the apparent accessibility of others.

Gauging these disadvantages against your craving for protection and command over your web-based presence is significant. Consider the expected effect on your social associations and correspondence designs before switching off the “Keep going Active” status on Snapchat.

Things to Keep in Mind When Turning off the “Last Active” Feature on Snapchat

At the point when you choose to switch off the “Keep going Active” feature on Snapchat, there are a couple of significant things to remember. Think about the accompanying:

1. Correspondence Assumptions: Illuminate your dear friends or contacts about your choice to debilitate the “Last Active” status. This deals with their assumptions about your accessibility and responsiveness on the stage. Open correspondence guarantees that they comprehend your purposes behind the change and keep away from any mistaken assumptions.

2. Particular Security Settings: While crippling the “Last Active” status offers more protection, it’s vital to survey and change other protection settings on your Snapchat account. Redo settings, for example, who can send you messages, view your accounts, or see your area whenever wanted. This permits you to keep up with command over your protection while as yet captivating with the app.

3. Elective Correspondence Channels: Consider laying out elective correspondence channels with your dearest companions or contacts beyond Snapchat. This can incorporate trading phone numbers, associating with other virtual entertainment stages, or utilizing messaging apps. By having an extra method for correspondence, you can remain associated with those you esteem generally regardless of whether the “Last Active” feature is switched off.

3. Defining Individual Limits: Without the “Last Active” status, it’s essential to define individual limits and focus on your prosperity. Recall that you reserve the option to answer messages at your speed and draw in with the app when it’s helpful for you. Try not to feel forced to be continually accessible and lay out a good arrangement among on the web and disconnected exercises.

4. Overseeing Misinterpretations: Be ready for likely misinterpretations or false impressions from other Snapchat users who may not know that you’ve crippled the “Last Active” status. Assuming somebody questions your responsiveness or accessibility, considerately make sense of your choice and console them that it’s anything but an impression of your advantage in keeping up with the association.

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Can I turn off the “Last Active” status for specific friends only?

No, Snapchat doesn’t give the choice to impair the “Last Active” status for explicit friends. The feature must be turned on or off for every one of your contacts.

If I turn off the “Last Active” status, will I still be able to see others’ activity statuses?

Indeed, regardless of whether you switch off your own “Last Active” status, you can in any case see the action status of your friends and contacts.

Will disabling the “Last Active” status affect other Snapchat features?

Disabling the “Last Active” status won’t influence different features of Snapchat. You can keep utilizing the app to the surprise of no one, and your friends can in any case send you messages and view your accounts.

Can I turn off the “Last Active” status temporarily?

No, Snapchat doesn’t give a choice to switch off the “Last Active” status for a brief time. When you incapacitate it, it stays off until you choose to walk out on.

Is it possible to hide my location on Snapchat without turning off 

Yes, Snapchat offers this feature.

Can I Turn On the Last Active on Snapchat?

Yes, as I mentioned above the steps to turn off the last active status, if you follow the same steps and turn off the Ghost mode, it will automatically turn on your active status.

What is Last Active on Snapchat?

Last Active on Snapchat is a feature that shows other users when you were last logged into the app. 

Is Last Active on Snapchat visible to everyone?

No, Last Active on Snapchat is only visible to people who are on your friend list.


The Snapchat app does not offer a direct feature to turn off the last active status but it can be done by following see my location option and then turning on ghost mode. It works as the same Active status feature does.

Taking everything into account, keeping up with security on Snapchat is fundamental for some users. By following the means illustrated in this article, you can switch off the “Last Active” status and recover command over your web-based presence. Moreover, consider executing the extra security tips given to upgrade yours By and large Snapchat experience and safeguard your data.

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